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For the last 5 yrs DJ’s Goalpost has been participating in the WAMO (Wisconsin Amusement and Music Operators) pool league under the MFAPL (Menominee Falls Area Pool League). Our bar currently has 10 teams out of 18. We are currently looking to expand our number of teams. If interested please contact us.


We currently are running a WSPA pool league every week at 7:00pm. We currently have 8 teams of 3 players each and would like to expand this to 4-5 player teams during the summer. Cost of registration is a one time fee of $8 with a weekly fee of $10. Playing in this league allows you to play into two WSPA tournaments. If interested in participating please contact us.

League Standings (01/29/16)

League Standings (02/03/16)

League Standings (02/10/16)

League Standings (02/17/16)


Starting 1/22/16 we will be starting an open pool tournament on Fridays at 7:00pm. Players are limited to those that shoot in the MAFPL league or our Wednesday league. Cost for play is $10.




We have 3 dart boards available for use. Currently there are leagues on Mondays and Tuesdays. We would like to expand this to more in the future. For information please contact us.




Interested in having DJ’s Goalpost sponsor your team? So are we! We sponsor Junior Indians baseball. We have sponsored bowling teams and summer softball teams in the past and are interested in doing so in the future.